Infusion Arch is the sister company of Creative Arch, founded by Directors Mark McLeay and Bo Wang.

Our work at Infusion Arch mainly focuses on the Asian market featuring large housing developments, terrace houses, multi-unit apartments, high-end residential, and commercial projects.

The team at Infusion Arch are an enthusiastic group of talented professional architects and architectural designers, with a depth of experience, from a range of different backgrounds and cultures. Infusion Arch is a client-focused firm committed to providing excellence in service, culture, and project outcomes.

Client service is our first priority. Our guiding principle is to always listen and understand our client's needs and requirements. We view each client's architectural project as unique and deserving of an innovative plan and tailored design approach.

Any design project is a complicated undertaking with a multitude of tasks and issues to be resolved.

We believe in collaboration--experience teaches us that the most successful architectural design projects are the ones when the client is committed to excellence and teamwork. We work alongside clients through the complete process from initial briefing to developing the design, through to the consenting process, and to building and final completion.